As Christ’s disciples, we are called to go where people are. And almost everyone today are living online. We are connected to the world with just one click. The door of the Gospel is widely open, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.

Therefore, we are calling Christian to come together to form a team of 3 to 5 people, to give up 3 days of their time, for a mission trip in the virtual world.

Digital Mission Trip

Digital Mission Trip (DMT) is in one sense just like any regular mission trips - where a group of Christians gather together to share Christ and make disciples with their friends and strangers. But instead of meeting the people in villages, schools, or community centres, in DMT we meet them in the virtual world - via online social media, websites, or other internet-based communication media.

Why Digitally?

Because there is where people are. Studies have shown that on average people spent almost 1/3 of their time awake on the internet, and the number will only go up. People are increasingly moving online for communication, for gathering information, and for finding answers to the questions they have - including questions about values, life's purpose, and even God.

Why Gather for DMT?

Can I share the Gospel online individually? Yes, you can, and encourage you to do that. But in DMT we want it to be like any other mission trips we do physically -- the only difference is the avenue and tools. And so, we want to gather for DMT and to do this together so that we can build and sustain momentum of evangelism, to have mutual encouragement, to cast vision on fulfilling the Great Commission together online, to do discipleship, and to learn from one another. Steel sharpens steel, fire begets fire, two heads are better than one.

Who Can Join DMT?

It's open for everyone who loves to connect with their friends and families online via any social media platform or those who wants to learn how to reach others online.

What If You Don't Know How to Share the Gospel Online?

We have an array of free digital tools you can download and use for DMT (and even after DMT). Before the DMT, the team will organise trainings needed with the assistance of CCC staff, as well as during the actual DMT.

Who Are We Sharing the Gospel To?

Anyone as long as they are on the world wide web! However, we encourage you to prioritise someone online in your social network for longer term impact. You will receive training on setting up appointments with your non-believer friends and family members for online sharing session, as well as ways to share the Gospel effectively on the internet.

Who Are We Discipling?

New Christians whom you brought to Christ during the DMT as well as any other Christian in your circle! We want to see more Jesus’ disciples being raised up online who will raise more disciples who follow Christ.

What Can I Expect During the DMT?

We have an awesome program and set of activities lined up for our digital missionaries: we have time for prayer, worship, training, fun time, and of course, sharing the Gospel, doing discipleship, and sharing this wonderful vision of help fulfilling the Great Commission online.

Do I Need to Be an Expert to Join?

Not at all! As long as you know how to use your smartphone or any other electronic devices for online communication; and you know how to use email or any social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even messaging apps like WhatsApp and WeChat, you are welcomed to join! Again, training and assistance will be provided!

What Do I Need to Prepare?

Stable internet connection at the venueAt least FOUR (4) HOURS of training and THREE (3) DAYS of actual DMTSmartphone, tablet, or laptopParticipants, of course! Each team consists of a team leader and 3-5 team matesAccommodation and food and drinks would be niceYou heart ready to learn and obey Jesus!

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